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By accessing the website, you acknowledge having gone through the following text and agree upon the “Terms of Service” as stated below. In case of disagreement with any of the stated norms of our service usage policy, you are denied access to the website content and the AC repair or any sort of other service catered through the website. The content and all sorts of other material published on the website are the property of “Quick AC Repair” and are protected by the India Copyright Law.

Before going through the following “Terms of Service”, this is worth knowing that any text below that reads as “WE”, “US” or “OUR” shall represent “Quick AC Repair” – the AC repair service provider agency. The text that spells as “You” and “You're” shall refer to the customers who seek AC repair service from us through

Terms to Use the Website Material/Content

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Intellectual Property and Copyright

You agree to indemnify, defend, and withhold the content or material published on the website The content and all sorts of other material published on the website are the property of “Quick AC Repair” and are protected by the India Copyright Law. Breach of any of the “Terms of Service” by you shall cause cancellation of your account/registration with us and termination of AC repair services requested at Quick AC Repair. With the Intellectual Property and Copyright Law in place, you are denied to:

I. Use the material or content posted on the Site for any commercial purpose
II. Remove any text, image, video or any sort of other material from the Site
III. Transfer or transmit the materials to others, i.e., people, public or private company or on other servers

The permission granted for the use of data published on the Site shall automatically terminate in case of a breach. Upon termination of the permission, the collected data that you have in your possession shall require to be destroyed irrespective of its format, i.e., electronic or printed. “Quick AC Repair” reserves the right to terminate services and account at any time without making any intimation of the same.

Limitations and Liability

In no event shall “Quick AC Repair” or its associates, staff, or partners be liable for any damage to your data published on the Site in the form of feedback, review or comment. There are jurisdictions in India that do not allow limitations on implied warranties. This is why we make a prior update of our limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages that may happen in the course of catering to you our AC repair services.

Limitation and Liabilities for Users

There are limitations and liabilities for you as well that you need to keep in mind particularly when posting stuff, i.e., comment, feedback or review in the form of text or image on the website

You are prohibited from posting any content or material on the website that is
• Unlawful or legally unauthorized
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Refer to the ‘Payment and Refund Policy’ page to get an insight into the norms of payment and refund.


“Quick AC Repair” keeps the content of the Site under its constant review and might, at any time and without any prior notice, revise the aforementioned “Terms of Service”. The changes made to the above “Terms of Service” shall be applicable rightly by the time they are updated here on the Site.